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Real Estate agents helping
home buyers and home
sellers in Florida. See
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homes for sale in Tampa,
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Why Finding the Right Agent Matters

Working with a great real estate agent instead of an average one can mean the difference between
getting the house you love at the right price and having to start your search all over again.

Real Estate Agent Services

Buying and selling real estate can be complicated, but a good agent will make it easy for you to
understand and navigate the process.
What follows is a list of services you can expect your agent to help you with:

Find A Home

• Get to know you and understand your dream home
• Help you understand what you can afford
• Recommend mortgage loan professionals who will provide you with appropriate loan options
• Help you decide what neighborhoods to consider
• Screen homes so that you only look at homes that are likely to be right for you

• Show you homes on a convenient schedule
• Help you evaluate the surrounding neighborhood
• Provide local information on utilities, zoning, schools, noise, traffic patterns, government, development
plans, and other items of interest to you
• Help you evaluate the property's potential resale value

Make an Offer

• Review the disclosure statement with you and advise you on pertinent issues
• Advise you on the local transaction practices, such as

- Pricing strategies
- Buyer and seller responsibilities
- Escrow procedures
- Local regulations

• Evaluate comparable home pricing in the neighborhood and advise you on a fair offer price
• Write a purchase offer and make sure you're fully familiar with the price, terms and contingencies

• Advise you on your best negotiating strategy and maintain regular communication with you during the
negotiation process
• Negotiate purchase contract terms in your best interest, including

- Financing terms
- Date of possession
- Inclusion/exclusion of repairs and fumishings and fittings
- Contingencies

• Make sure you understand everything you're signing

Complete Your Purchase

• Advise you on necessary inspections
• Help you choose vendors and schedule, monitor and complete inspections and repairs
• Coordinate the mortgage appraisal and work with you to resolve any issues that may arise between
yourself and the appraiser
• Help you investigate title status of the property and flag any potential issues
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